Wooden Frame Homes vs Concrete Frame Homes

A wooden framed house is a structure that is professionally built with wood that has been industrially processed and treated to withstand all kinds of attack (both pest and weather condition). While a concrete frame home is a structure built with the mixture of cement, sand, and water and requires little or no treatment like the wooden framed structures. 

Which one would you prefer between a wooden frame home and a concrete frame home? Wait! You don’t have to answer the question now. Just patiently read the article to the end. Amazingly, physically, be it wooden or concrete both look the same, so nothing will change no matter what you use. Also, Both of them have Pros and Cons and I believed after reading this post, you will surely be in a dilemma for which one to pick between the two. Without further ado, let’s get to the main point.  

  • Cost of Construction and Maintenance 

The cost of construction and Maintenance of both homes (Wooden and Concrete) are a little bit different. Firstly, let’s talk about construction cost. Wooden framed home is less expensive to construct because it requires only processed and treated wood and the work of professionals to join it together. Unlike concrete homes which require, Sand, Cement, Water, use of Machines, Steels, professional tools and a lot of supervision to get it together. 

Talking about maintenance, Wooden framed home required a lot of maintenance to make it last longer. This is because if not maintained often, it may be affected by the effect of weather and can even be attacked by insects and pests. But the later require little or no maintenance because it can stay longer and withstand all kinds of attack.  

  • Durability 

The advantage of Concrete homes is that they last longer than wooden homes even without maintenance. We have cases of concrete homes that have a lifespan of well over a century withstanding, natural disasters, wars, and so on. Talking of wooden framed homes, their disadvantage is that they don’t last long unless they are regularly maintained. However, Even if they are maintained often, they have little tendency of withstanding all kinds of disasters like the Concrete framed homes. 

  • Effect of weather 

Both Wooden framed and concrete framed home are usually affected by the effect of weather. However, only the concrete-framed home has the tendency of withstanding the effect of weather for a long period. Although, if well treated and processed, the wooden framed home can also resist the effect of weather for sometimes but not as long as that of a concrete framed home. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

This is actually the most important point of all. A structure can be Durable, Resist weather effects, cost less during construction and even requires little or no maintenance. When it is unsafe for our planet all the other advantages are of no use. According to research, concrete framed structures are very dangerous to the environment. This is because it has been discovered that some dangerous gases which are dangerous to the environment are emitted during manufacturing of materials used in its construction. 

However, Talking about Wooden framed homes, they are very safe to use and are the best alternative to concrete because they do not emit dangerous gases even during the process of its construction.